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StoneKrete Products is a manufacturer of a resurfacing system that replicates the look of real stone without the need for messy tear-outs. StoneKrete is hand troweled, carved, colored, and grouted, to produce the most realistic stone appearance in the coating industry. The coating is applied at 1/4” to 3/8” thick, therefore there are no elevation concerns associated with real stone.

Coating companies are only as good as the products they use. Inferior products can make even the best installers look bad. StoneKrete Products blends it’s products using only the highest grade materials available, under the strictest guidelines. Rest assured that our products perform as specified and create remarkable results.

In order to make an outstanding product, you need to know everything about it. How it works, what makes it work, and the science behind it. With over 28 years experience in the decorative concrete coating industry backing them, StoneKrete Products has the expertise needed to manufacture and install the finest hand carved resurfacing system available.

​After using just about every coating product available and never finding just the right one, we developed a product line that not only lives up to our abnormally high expectations, but offer other contractors a superior product. We start with the highest quality aggregates (no, not all aggregates are the same), polymer, and cement, to blend the StoneKrete Products bag mix. The sealers are specially blended to work with the unique features of the overlay and the colors are iron oxide powder pigments, blended to create natural stone colors. ​

We believe that our system is one of the best overlay products available and 28 years experience stands behind it.



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Key Benefits

Durability: StoneKrete was developed to be one of the most advanced overlays available. Not only does StoneKrete boast a high compressive strength rating, it’s adhesion, flexural, and tensile strength combine to create a strong and highly durable surface that will stand the test of time.

Non-Slip Surface: One of the biggest concerns with any overlay is, will it be slippery when it gets wet. The natural aggregates in the texture coat, combined with the troweling technique and sponging process, gives StoneKrete a pleasant non-slip surface.

Unlimited Patterns & Colors: Because StoneKrete is hand troweled, hand carved, and colored, the possibilities are endless. Tape, stencils, and stamps are not used to create the natural stone appearance, therefore no two jobs are ever the same.

Horizontal or Vertical: StoneKrete can also create the look of stone on walls without the need for extra footings as with real stone.

Our Process

The most important step in any overlay/coating installation is preparation of the substrate, or surface that the coating will be applied to. Without proper prep, failure of the coating is just a matter of time. Each job is different and will be evaluated to determine the best method of preparing the substrate. Methods could include; grinding, scarifying, and hydro blasting (pressure washing).

From there the second most important step is the bond/base coat. A bond coat of StoneKrete is carefully applied to the entire substrate by either trowel or squeegee, to ensure proper adhesion. Next, the texture coat is hand troweled, sponged, and finally, carved into the desired pattern, creating a natural looking stone finish. ​

The coloring process consists of a combination of spraying and sponging properly mixed iron oxide pigments. Next, integrally colored StoneKrete grout is applied to the grout lines just as would be with real stone. After the grout has cured, 2 coats of solvent based acrylic sealer is applied to help protect the surface from the elements.


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Resurface Ordinary Concrete with The Look of Stone No Tear-Out Needed!